Empower your self, your voice, by the mystic techniques of the torus Dynamite

Songfulness is a deeper form of mindfulness! Because it uses the nectar of sound-prana in a very conscious manner. Therefore the effects of fulness of prana, release of stress, poisons and emotional trauma, is much more profound. 

Songfulness refers directly to our capacity to uplift our own energy! The voice is an instrument through which we can upload the higher frequencies of the element 'space', by transmitting it through our own Torus Dynamite; our subtle energy fields. Our body/voice/mind is able to refresh everything in our selves and transform it into beauty, power and love, through music, but also as such; through sounds. If we combine this capacity with the intentions of purity, we transform ourselves into fertile ground for light and harmony.

You can learn the skills by private lessons in Amsterdam-West, the Netherlands.  Or by Home-studying through the special developed book, or by Skype-sessions.

For groups I offer workshops on demand, also for children up to 7, called 'A Bubble of Song', and the weekly Songfulness-training on Monday-afternoons at the Claverhuis, Elandsgracht 70, Amsterdam

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