Songfulness provides private coaching, also through Skype, Communication-training,choir singing & Workshops for Groups, meditative Concerts and 'Deep field relaxation'-sessions.

For more info or bookings: 06-19321818. If the formula doesn't work use email: songfulness at telfort dot nl

I graduated as a Classical Singer at the Conservatory of Utrecht with the Bariton Udo Reineman.

Since 1992 I teach singing and developed a new approach towards the singing voice, based on the energetic fields which pervades the body. Part of it is meditation and Sound-Yoga. Basically it is a very steady approach towards a beautiful and easy singing-voice. But it is also an unknown tool for inner harmony and brain/breath-balance. It could be very useful in hearth-care and psychological therapy.

A part from the musical and healing approach, I developed trainings to simply be more alive and present in general communication and using your voice in your working-areas.

Since the voice is a direct connecter of body and mind, it blocks when it cannot be fully in flow. Mostly flow is tried to be activated by mind. But the bodily-voice-awareness approach is much more effective to attain real connections, on whatever purpose one has!

As a singer I gave a lot of concerts abroad in zen-kind of modern music styles. I composed spiritual music based on prayers of all religions and play the Tanpura along with it.

I created a very meditative and sensual CD called: Rosa M. ,with Gregorian songs, Tanpura, Sitar and Violin. 

Together with pianist Peter Bark I sing classical music, especially Russian, German, English and French songs.

PATRICIA van Oosten

Patricia Dorothea