An Holistic Coaching on Singing  

A  coaching in song and music, based on the energetic laws en musical phenomena.

Private-lessons can be taken in Amsterdam-West. Or through Skype.

Our voice is the lamp of the Nadi's (subtle energetic veins),  and provides and nurtures the connection between our subtle fields of creation and our physical body, mind and soul.

Thus in this Holistic method of singing, we gather through inspired sound-gestures, the vibrations from the 'field' and allow our voice to work this nectar out through our inner flute of seven levels along the spine.

It is a special knowledge, which works with the intelligence of the Heart, the mouth and the voice in a deep connection with our capacity of 'inner hearing of beauty and wholeness'.

This 'training'  provides a conscious connection with all the fields of being and expands brain-capacity, oxygen-absorption (rejuvenation!), releases stress and emotional trauma and provides you a beautiful, healthy, flexible and musical voice.

Choir 'Heart & Wings'!

If you feel like extending your love in song towards singing together ánd singing to celebrate and honor the Heart of life, then this choir will perhaps fit to you. We sing and join every Monday-evenings from 20.00 to 22.00 , starting at 19.45 with tea. 

Adress: Pieter Bast-straat 3, Amsterdam

If interested, please fill the contactpage.